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Who We Are

Winner and Associates is a brokerage that serves as a representative for natural supplements and HABA (health and beauty aids) products to independent health food stores and chains including WHOLE FOODS market. Our team consists of educated, hardworking individuals who cover a wide range of areas including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. We are committed to being reliable partners with our buyers and strive to meet all of their customer needs.

Who we are
Our Why

Our Why

It is of the utmost importance that we support our buyers, their customers and the companies with which we partner.  Putting award winning, highly therapeutic products into our customer's hands as well as educating about their benefits is our driving motivation.  Helping the end user achieve optimal health is why we love what we do.   When we feel well and are nourished, our bodies are better able to handle complicated challenges that may come our way.


Our Skills

 Educating our buyers, staff and customers is essential for Winner and Associates, LLC.  We pride ourselves in leaving no stone unturned while we navigate through the labyrinth of complicated issues that customers often experience.  We are committed to having a hand in facilitating  healing with everyone we meet.

Our Skills

Our Story

​​I started Winner and Associates, LLC in 2006 out of the desire to help people achieve health and joy in their lives.  As a boutique brokerage business we pride ourselves in the partnerships with the companies we represent as well as the wonderful people with whom we have the opportunity to work every day.

My twenty seven years of experience in the natural products industry began when I started working as an outside sales representative with Nature's Plus.  After working with Nature's Plus I was given the exciting opportunity to work in management.  During this time I realized how much I missed the hands on of working as a representative out in the field. This revelation was the impetus for the founding of Winner and Associates, LLC.


We, together as a team, have become a premier brokerage company in the  Mid-Atlantic and the North East regions.  Our brokerage has worked with and continues to work with many well respected companies such as Amazing Grass, Gabriel Cosmetics, OM Mushrooms, Crocs, Burts Bees, Vitanica, John Masters, Charlotte's Web, AVogel, Herbatint, Vital Planet Probiotics, Genesis Today and many other great companies. 


As a dynamic team we have a proven track record of building and growing sales in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. This track record is unsurpassed and makes our business a perfect choice to lead, educate and grow sales for any company.  We are experts at handling everything from product placement, promotions, training and education, demos, and merchandising.  Working closely with buyers and staff we specialize in achieving placement and growing sales by attention to detail  and consistent monthly sales calls. 


We love what we do and it shows in our work.

Our Story

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